Digital Audio Upgrades

Digital technologies have long been a part of high performance car audio products, but now they are capable of taking your mobile audio experience to a whole new level.

One of the greatest challenges with integrating car audio products into your car in the quest to replicate a true Hi-Fi experience is the placement of speakers, interior trim materials, cabin acoustics and road noise. While installation and sound deadening will eliminate some of these issues, it is imperative that dedicated processors and digital interfaces are used to correct the fundamental placement issues.

toyota corolla digital audio systemDigital OEM Integration

The other great advantage of Digital Audio Processors is that you can retain your factory fitted head-unit which is now often heavily integrated with other climate and vehicle controls. Some processors like the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station™ use advanced processors and 120 points of digital calibration to digitally correct speaker placement and frequency response. The Bongiovi DPS utilises factory speakers to provide a great one-stop solution with minimal component replacement. 

audison-bit-ten-one-heroTaking OEM Beyond Ordinary

Lets Face it, most factory fitted stereo systems are underwhelming in terms of a true Hi-Fi sound. Sure, they may have convenience features like iPod inputs, Bluetooth hands-free and steering wheel controls but they lack the ability to fine tune the audio performance and adding extra amplification can be limited. Audison have released a number of digital components that make it not only easy to get great sound from factory sound systems, but also allow for a complete digital connection from processors to amplifiers. The Audison Bit One is an amazing digital processor that will be equally at home in a modest system or a full blown competition car audio system. 

Believe Your Ears

The only true way to appreciate the difference digital audio processors can make is to trust your ears. A properly installed and tuned processor will take any audio system to an entirely new level. So get into your local CAM specialist store and experience digital audio first hand.





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