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the latest car apps available in australia

Great NEW Car Apps

In an App-mad world its hardly surprising that major developers of tech products and Apps have joined forces to create ‘Car Apps’ to infiltrate your mobile environment, and we’re not just talking about taking your SmartPhone for a drive either.

Recently companies including Viper, Pioneer and Parrot have released new products into the Australian market that integrate Apps into automotive products. They offer any number of conveniences from traffic data and GPS navigation, to infotainment and safety services – making driving safer, more enjoyable and even more sociable.

Pioneer MIXTRAX – Like a DJ in Your Car

pioneer mixtrax car app

Pioneer has taken their years of experience working with high-end Dj equipment to develop the MIXTRAX App, a proprietary technology. It measures a number of musical attributes, including beats per minute (BPM) and analyses the best point to seamlessly mix and blend your tracks together. Which creates a non-stop mix of your music to create your own personal ‘mobile club’.

Pioneer has also designed a range of mobile entertainment products to utilise the advanced features of MIXTRAX and others Apps through the Advanced AppMode.

Pioneers AVH-X3500DAB is designed to expand your mobile infotainment options with a host of integrated technologies, a 6.1″ high-res screen, AM/FM Tuner, Bluetooth and Advanced AppMode. The range of available Apps is constantly growing and you can make use of the freely available and paid Apps.

NavGate Drive – Turn-by-Turn Navigation App

pioneer navgate navigation car app

One of the best car Apps developed for Pioneer AV products is the NavGate Drive App, which lets you enjoy turn-by-turn navigation through New Zealand and Australia. Combine the NavGate App ($79.99AU) with one of Pioneer’s compatible Car AV products and you have the power and convenience of turn-by-turn navigation for a lot less than you would normally expect. 

WAZE App – Crowd Sourced Traffic Data

wazu navigation car app

There is also a range of Radio and Entertainment Apps, plus the tricky little WAZE App that connects you via GPS to other drivers. This enables WAZE to combine all data which allows you to outsmart traffic, save time and petrol, while improving your daily commute! iPhone users will also find a host of familiar Apps including Calendar, Photos and Videos. 

CarBrowser App – Mobile Internet Browser

pioneer carbrowser car app

Finally we have had some fun with the Pioneer CarBrowser App which brings the browsing power of the internet straight into the dashboard of your car. Powered by Opera, the CarBrowser offers a high-speed browsing experience with Data Savings, Speed Dial, Visual Tabs. For extra convenience it can even be synchronised with your desktop PC or other mobile phone. 

Parrot MarketPlace Apps

parrot asteroid car app market
Parrot recently the expanded their ASTEROID range of products to include the Mini, Smart and Tablet. Which combine the tried and tested functionality of Parrot’s leading Bluetooth technology with expanded possibilities for entertainment and functionality though their dedicated ASTEROID AppMarket.

With a range of dedicated car Apps including Video and Radio for entertainment, Traffic and Weather to keep you informed and Map and Navigation products to get you where you need to be. Parrot has also just announced the arrival of their Facebook App for ASTEROID Tablet and Smart. So now you can see what your friends are up to, share updates, images and videos while on the road, all through the 5″ or 6.2″ Multi-touch screens.

VIPER SmartStart App

viper smart start app for car
What could be cooler than starting your car remotely from your SmartPhone? What if you could also lock your car or pop the boot? Well you can do it all and more with the groundbreaking Viper SmartStart App and associated hardware.

The Viper SmartStart system requires a compatible iOS, Android or Blackberry device, the Viper SmartStart App and either a Viper SmartStart system or a Viper security system with a SmartStart module. Visit your nearest CAM store for a full run down. It’s a great system for that extra peace of mind and has no lock-in contract and a flat annual subscription.

Selling Through Car Apps

You may have seen the new Holden Barina ad that features a range of clever Apps promoted under their Holden MyLink system. Once upon a time it was engine performance or styling features that were used to promote the release of a new vehicle. Now though, with SmartPhones tightly integrated into our daily lives it is a different story.

The Holden MyLink system currently offers a range of Apps including Stitcher™, a Smart Radio App which connects to 5000 radio shows and podcasts. MyLink also includes entertainment Apps like Pandora® and the Siri Eyes Free Mode which allows you to update your Facebook status while driving – safely! Expect to see more car Apps from manufacturers in the very near future.

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