Audio Processor for Mazda and Toyota – 100% Digital

Audio Processor for Mazda and Toyota

Imagine having a team of the worlds leading audio processor and acoustic engineers dedicated to tuning your factory car audio system every time you wanted to listen to a new CD or your favourite mobile media player. Most factory fitted audio systems have basic audio processor controls that allow you to adjust the Treble, Bass and some even Mid-tones – however these adjustments won’t ‘cut-it’ if you’re after great sound.

toyota corolla digital audio system

While there is a comprehensive range of aftermarket audio processors available, most are designed to work with aftermarket speakers and amplifiers. The Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station™, designed by the award winning record producer and recording acoustics engineer Tony Bongiovis, is the first 100% digital audio processor system designed to work specifically with your cars factory sound equipment.

tony bongiovi in his powerhouse recording studio

So How Does the Audio Processor Work?

When music is originally recorded in a studio, engineers use reference speakers that are facing them at an optimum range, they use this as the reference point while introducing and adjusting instruments and vocals. Whereas in you car, the speakers are typically at your feet and pointing directly at each other or spread all over the cabin, which has a dramatic effect on the audio spectrum and frequency reproduction.

The Bongiovi Acoustic Digital Power Station™ contains a custom profile with 120 calibration points tuned for specific vehicle. Taking into account speaker location and your vehicles particular acoustic characteristics. The Bongiovi engineers have used decades of recording studio experience to determine the best possible frequency response adjustments and frequency specific power distribution of your cars factory head-unit amplifier – effectively remixing and remastering the original track to suit the your vehicle. 

bongiovi digital audio processor for toyota

So what does all this mean for your ears?

The Bongiovi audio processor will provide a dramatic improvement in audio reproduction – better bass response, more detailed high frequencies and improved clarity across the entire audio spectrum. The Bongiovi DPS works across your factory AM/FM radio, CD Player, Auxilary In-puts and also improves compressed audio files including Mp3 and AAC files, typically found on portable media players and iPhones/iPods®. It also constantly monitors the audio signal to provide constant volume control across all audio sources and road noise is also counterbalanced with the DPS technology.


So if you drive a current model Toyota or Mazda and want to experience the full sound spectrum, improved dynamics and vocals and don’t want to load your vehicle up with additional amplifiers and speakers. The Bongiovi audio processor is installed completely out-of-sight, maintains all of your factory conveniences and may be just the thing you’re looking for. Contact your nearest CAM specialist and talk to them about what the 100% digital DPS can do for you.

Watch the video to see what has informed the development of the Bongiovi DPS audio processor.

Current models available include Toyota‘s Corolla, FT86, Hilux, Camry, Yaris, Aurion, Landcruiser, RAV4, Kluger, Prado and Mazda’s Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6 and BT-50.


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